Wednesday, July 31, 2013

NiSa-Con Braunschweig & First Lolita Meet-Up

Hello, Hello, my dear readership!

How's it going? I hope you're fine and can enjoy the summer weather at least to an extent (I really can't; I love summer, but I absolutely hate this tropical heat >D).

After quite a while I decided to post something about my last conventions before the Connichi Cosplays stress REALLY kicks in and I'm too tired and too lazy to post something XD" (so, in the next weeks, it will be mostly Connichi preparation stuff that you can expect here :D).

But first things first!

1.) NiSa-Con in Braunschweig

From the 06.07. - 07.07.2013 the NiSa-Con (NiSa  stands for "Niedersachsen" -> "lower saxony") was held in Braunschweig. It was a really small conventions with many young and unexperienced Cosplayers, but that wasn't bad, because we (and with "we" I mean my good friend Zhenya, her boyfriend and myself) could chill out because of that :D Noone wanted to take pictures of us all the time, there weren't many people around, the weather was perfect cosplay weather und we could do all the things that you can't do at bigger conventions, because you're always busy with something else  XD
We did Karaoke, we went to the AMV-Night, we watched Animes in the Video Room and played some games in the Games Room ;D (I tried "Dragonball Budokai" and got beat by Raditz XD" and lost to Zhenya in "BlazBlue"...but well...I'm not really the gaming-type, lol.)

We both even made it into the newspaper with our X1999 Cosplays, which was really unexpected, because the article almost was a whole newspaper's site!

Here you can read the article (if you're German ;D):

I have to say the day was really fun and of course a relaxing day, so that Cosplay even with the warm weather was a blast! I really enjoyed it to wear my Arashi costume together with the beautiful Zhenya as Yuzuriha! <3 I felt VERY comfortable in this Cosplay and would want to wear it again...but is already to large for me, 'cause I lost quite some weight in a short time >D In the future I will sell it probably, but I want to keep it for myself a while, 'cause I can't give it away yet ;__; Arashi is just one of my favourite characters of all time and I really can't seperate myself from this costume yet xD.

All pictures were taken by Zhenya or her boyfriend Antoni! Thank you! ♥

2.) First Lolita Meet-Up

Yes! I finally went to my first Lolita fashion meet-up in Braunschweig! (Braunschweig again XD but this city is sooooo beautiful! *_*)

I was invited and of course I wanted to meet again with some of my friends from the Northern part of Germany that I haven't had met for a long time ;___;

So I searched for some stuff to wear, like a skirt that a bought 3 years ago (it fits again! I was sooo happy! XD) and some parts of the outfit I sewed myself ^^ The blouse I wore was borrowed from Zhenya and I must say I felt quite comfortable in the whole outfit. I thought taht the "Sweet Style" doesn't fit me, but it isn't actually so bad, I just love "classic" a bit more ;)

here you can see some pictures!

(again, the pictures were taken by Zhenya! :D)

Because this isn't Cosplay I decided to keep the look more natual and not use as much Make-Up as I use to when I do Cosplay. I also wore my natural contact-lenses for this occasion and I'm quite happy with it ^^ I look like a different person somehow and more innocent, but I think this is just for the benefit of Lolita fashion, don't you think? ;D

The Meet-Up was really nice, the people were friendly and we had a delicious picnic! *_*

Just....the aftermath of this particular day wasn't so good XD (some people know what I mean /D)
Because of the NiSa-Con and this Meet-Up I had 25 insect bites on my legs (yes, 25! 8D). Some of them were as big as tennis balls the day after that, so my mom and I decided to drive to the hospital in the saturday afternoon. Because my last tetanus vaccination was 8-10 years ago, we really had to pay attention to that, othwerwise I could have gotten a trombose in my leg and that really isn't nice >D
So I had to lay still for 2 whole days and my left hand got a gypsum xD" wasn't a good week, but I'm okay now ;D

Nevertheless I really enjoyed both events and was happy to meet my friends again ♥

And because I mentioned my friend Zhenya a lot in this post, I just want you to give you the links to her facebook Cosplay page and her Lolita fashion blog! :D

here you go:

That's it for today! 

The next days there will be a bit more Cosplay progress in this blog again!

See ya ♥

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Taobao Package & Cosplay Progress

Hello my dear readership!

Today I want to review my package with 3 Cosplay wigs I ordered from Taobao and later I want to show you a bit of Cosplay Progress for various Cosplays :D

1.) Taobao: It was the first time I ordered something at Taobao and I ordered it together with 2 other people to save some costs for shipping and etc. I ordered 3 wigs for 3 different Cosplays this year and I also wanted to order a plushie, which unfortunately wasn't available. :(
The whole ordering and shipping process was a bit complicated and took some time (in fact a whole month), but in the end most of our wanted items arrived safe and in good condition. A BIG THANK YOU goes to Lisa (nevi), who managed the whole ordering and shipping process. Also: we ordered at "Taobao Spree", a shopping service which was great! The answers to our questions always came quick and the lady, who handled the process was always friendly and helpful.
I would say Taobao is nothing for you, if you want to have your items quick, but if you have some time you can order great wigs for great prices. The wigs I ordered cost all together around ~30
 Euro and with the whole shipping and services fees it cost ~70 Euro. If you take into consideration that one wig at Ebay costs ~20 or 30 Euro, than I can savely say that I definitely made a good choice by ordering at Taobao. Also: one wig I wanted to have, I just couldn't find for an acceptable price at ebay (unless I wanted to spend 50 Euro.)

So, now I want to give you an impression of the wigs I ordered and how I view the quality of it.
All of the wigs are uncut, so you can see how they arrived.

-dark brown wig:

The wig has a VERY good quality and super soft hair. It is also very easy to brush and no knots appear anywhere. The only thing  have to critize is, that you can't adjust the little hooks inside the wigs immidiately, because they are sewd together, so you have to cut a thread first to use them.

- dark blonde wig / ash-blonde wig:

 This wig also has a good quality and a beautiful colour. Of all the wigs I ordered this one I like the most because of its colour. Of course you have to be a bit more careful with brushing because of the locks, but the locks are quite easy to brush and the whole wig has thick hair.

- bright blonde Clip-on wig: 

This one is a special character-wig for my Shinku (Rozen Maiden) Cosplay. This one is the one I couldn't find anywhere for an okay price at Ebay, and that's the reason I wanted to order it at Taobao.
The basis wig is a short one with cute locks in the front. The Ponytails are quite heavy, because the are very thick, which is a good thing, so can't see the hairgrips inside. The Ponytails are also quite long, they almost reach my knees and I'm 1,72m tall. A smaller person should pay attention to that ;D The locks there are also very beautiful styled, but you have to be careful with brushing or you shouldn't brush them too often, because sometime they will lose their styling.

All in all I can say that I am pretty content with my new wigs. Taobao really has beautiful wigs with a good quality, but you also need patience for them to arrive.

2.) Cosplay Progress:

In the last blog entry I promised you to show you some progress of my Misato (NGE) Cosplay....well...that one was cancelled in the end 8"D sorry for that! but it will be finished sometime in the near future!

Instead of Misato I sewed my Arashi Kishu (X 1999) Cosplay for the NiSa-Con next weekend! It is just a simple school uniform, but payed attention to how it was sewed, because I wanted to have it as neat as possible. And I succeeded! :D It is one of the most neat Cosplay I have ever done :)

I also worked a bit on my Shinku (Rozen Maiden) Cosplay for the Connichi in September. Sadly I cannot sew the whole dress yet, because I still want to lose some weight 'til  then and if I would do the dress now, I would just look ridiculous XD
But I've done some of the smaller parts like the bloomers (which i absolutely love ♥) to wear under the dress and 2 little ribbons for her shoes :)

So, that's it for my entry. I hope you liked it!!
Have a nice weekend, minna-san! ♥

Your, Romy ♥

Thursday, May 30, 2013


Hello, fellow readership!

This is my first entry in this new blog of mine and for my first enrty I think it's necessary that I introduce myself, don't you think? :D

My name is Sarah (nickname: Romy), I'm 23 years old and I'm from Germany.

As you can read above this blog is supposed to be about my passion for Cosplay & Conventions. I am a cosplayer since 2006 and although I cosplay quite some time, I still have a lot to learn and to discover within this hobby. Cosplay is a great oppurtunity to express myself and my love for the Asian (pop-)culture. Through Cosplay I met many nice people all around the world who share my hobby and most of my dearest friends are into Anime/Manga/Cosplay themselves.

With this blog I want to share my passion for this special hobby with you, so the blog will mostly consist of Cosplay progress and progress photos, conventions reports and the Manga/Anime/Cosplay community itself.

I hope you will enjoy my future entries and want to learn something about me and my hobby!

Don't hesitate to ask me something or comment :)

I apologize for the current layout of the blog, but I am not that familiar with HTML, but I hope you can manage to read my entries anyway and I promise I will fix the layout in the near future! :D

The next entry will feature some progress and working steps for my new Cosplay: Misato from Neon Genesis Evangelion!!

Have a nice week!

Yours, Romy ♥


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