Thursday, May 30, 2013


Hello, fellow readership!

This is my first entry in this new blog of mine and for my first enrty I think it's necessary that I introduce myself, don't you think? :D

My name is Sarah (nickname: Romy), I'm 23 years old and I'm from Germany.

As you can read above this blog is supposed to be about my passion for Cosplay & Conventions. I am a cosplayer since 2006 and although I cosplay quite some time, I still have a lot to learn and to discover within this hobby. Cosplay is a great oppurtunity to express myself and my love for the Asian (pop-)culture. Through Cosplay I met many nice people all around the world who share my hobby and most of my dearest friends are into Anime/Manga/Cosplay themselves.

With this blog I want to share my passion for this special hobby with you, so the blog will mostly consist of Cosplay progress and progress photos, conventions reports and the Manga/Anime/Cosplay community itself.

I hope you will enjoy my future entries and want to learn something about me and my hobby!

Don't hesitate to ask me something or comment :)

I apologize for the current layout of the blog, but I am not that familiar with HTML, but I hope you can manage to read my entries anyway and I promise I will fix the layout in the near future! :D

The next entry will feature some progress and working steps for my new Cosplay: Misato from Neon Genesis Evangelion!!

Have a nice week!

Yours, Romy ♥


Where you can also find me in the internet: World Cosplay